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of. Paleont. -, 1933. Index to Genera and Species of Foraminifera erected during the Tear 1931.


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Cangkang atau kerangka foraminifera merupakan petunjuk dalam pencarian sumber daya minyak, gas alam dan mineral. Foraminifera. Genbank common name: foraminifers. NCBI BLAST name: forams. Rank: phylum. Genetic code: Translation table 1 (Standard) Mitochondrial genetic code: Translation table 1 (Standard) Plastid genetic code: Translation table 11 (Bacterial, Archaeal and Plant Plastid) Other names: heterotypic synonym.

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They are unique in that they secrete a calcite shell (or test), which can have spines or holes, and comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Most forams are about the size of a grain of sand. Foraminifera are amoeba-like, single-celled protists (very simple micro-organisms). They have been called ‘armoured amoebae’ because they secrete a tiny shell (or test) usually between about a half and one millimetre long.

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The data allow to search for foraminifera on a wide range of criteria, which are on taxonomy, morphology, geography, geological time, collection, fauna and more.


Planktic foraminifera (often referred to as planktic forams) are classified primarily by the ultrastructure and morphology of their tests (shells). Foraminifera feed on diatoms, algae, bacteria and detritus. The proloculus is the first chamber of the test. It is small when the foraminifera has formed by sexual reproduction, but large when reproduction has been asexual. Protoplasm is the soft, jelly-like material that forms the living cell of the foraminifera… Foraminifera Ecology In marine environments, Foraminifera are either planktonic or benthic. Typically, Benthic Foraminifera are bottom dwellers and thus reside at the seafloor. Here, they can be found in such habitats as marshes and abyssal plains where they move about and feed using their pseudopodia.
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Wade, B.S.; Olsson, R.K.; Pearson, P.N. ;  Los foraminíferos (Foraminifera, latín "portadores de orificios"​) son protistas ameboides, principalmente marinos, aunque también hay especies de agua dulce,  Definition and introduction.

adj./ s. m. ZOOLOGÍA Perteneciente a una clase de rizópodos generalmente marinos  Foraminíferos.
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Manual of Sedimentary Petrography. XIV + 549 pp., 8:o, 265

ZPAL F.V, Paleocene and Eocene foraminifera from the borehole Pamiętowo, Pomeria, Poland. Foraminifera. Foto handla om closeup, calcareous, samling, amnesic, cyprus, collage, calcium, carbonate, fossil, korall - 25952092.

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Foraminiferer : définition de Foraminiferer et synonymes de

(redireccionado de foraminífera). foraminífero, a. adj./ s.